Contact Savrow Stilts
Contact Savrow Stilts
Q - How long do they take to learn?
A - 20 minutes or your money back!

Yes it's true! Seriously, honestly.  Look you simply put them on their lowest setting first of all, then walk around your lounge with your partner (politically correct term I believe) as support.  Emotional support more than anything else, but you may start walking like a robot for the first 5 minutes.  Relax your knees.  You will see how far your stilts should be apart. In the early days, you may find you stilts are too close together and this won't help your balance.  Normal stature, keep it natural.  Have your money back, no questions, if you are not entirely happy!

Q - I'm too old for all that
A - You are not

Okay, that is not gramatically correct and strictly isn't a question, but you get the idea.  Many of our customers are well into their 70's and very busy with it.

Q - Aren't they banned as too dangerous?
A - No

If you think about it, a chain saw is a million times more dangerous and they aren't banned.  Some large building sites have banned them because they are too large to keep tracks on who is using them and how they are being used.  We can supply a free risk / threat assessment for anyone who requires them.