Contact Savrow Stilts
Contact Savrow Stilts
Q. Hi! I'd be interested if you've used these stilts yourself for any jobs, or has anyone you know used them? Thanks

Sarah Keer

A. I do use them and although not in a professional capacity, as I'm not a plasterer or painter and decorator, I am a keen DIY'r and have built a small extension box room.  I drylined it, put the ceilings up with the insulation and spot lights, all on my stilts.  You see I'm pretty good on them, as I only use them when I need them, and not in a day to day capacity, to earn a living, but I use them enough to be pretty confident on them.  Half an hour here and there makes you quite the professional.  If you use them as a profession, then you'll be practially running in them, but I don't recommend it!

Have a look on you tube under 'Plastering Stilts' for loads of videos of other people using them.  Remember they are all fully adjustable in height so don't be put off when you see them working on 10 foot ceilings!

I did sell some recently to a firm putting curtains in University Halls of Residents rooms.  It just shows the uses are endless!  Thanks for your question Sarah.

Harry Tangye