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Contact Savrow Stilts
Well it's a new one and the last one was pretty scary.  I've found, as we all have, that it's effected a lot of people with the way the economic environment has gone.  Right, this is not the place for money talk and depressing talk at that.  What I have found is that a few big companies have gone, but this has produced a lot of one man bands.  Plasterers, decorators, chippies, electricians etc...

In other words, it's forced people into making a decision.  Those people who've always thought about starting their own business but couldn't risk the security of their full time jobs.  Well, hopefully, this will end up being a good thing for a lot of people.  I know it is still difficult to get hold of a reliable electrician, plumber, plasterer etc who is there, and on time.  YOU are probably that person, and no longer do you have to apologise to people for the inefficencies of your admin department!

So I guess, if something like this has happened to you, then perhaps you should go for it!  Be your own boss, and soon notice that if you are good and reliable, you won't even need to spend money on advertising.  You will be such a precious resource, people will talk about you to everyone.  Just be prepared to be busy!

Happy 2011.