Contact Savrow Stilts
Contact Savrow Stilts
16.12.10        Hello all.  My name is Harry Tangye, and I am the director of Savrow Uk Ltd.  I have decided to add a blog to the web site to perhaps answer a few of those topics you may not be entirely sure about, experiences I have had and a general account of running a web site, attending Exhibitions and sharing with you how I try to involve other people into using good quality Plastering stilts.  Don't worry, it won't be too serious.

I will desperately try not to make it boring, because quite frankly, I know you won't read it.  It is a conversation with my sister, and indeed her suggestion which made me think this was potentially a good idea.  You see I have frequent questions about Stilts and the use of them, and ways to learn how to use them, and indeed some professionals who are inquisitive, but not entirely sure it is for them.  The two most common ones are questions such as

Will I kill myself?
How long will it take to learn them?

and then when answered, they reply,

But my balance is rubbish!
I'm too old!

This blog is going to be short and sharp, and to the point.  If you have any questions then I will do my best to answer them all as honestly as I can. 
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