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Hi, my name is Keith and i'm in a small plastering business partnership. I recently bought a pair of stilts from Savrow and feel a comment is justified. I have used stilts for many years and was recently in the market for a set of the tallest stilts for 9ft ceilings. I stumbled upon the Savrow website whilst using a search engine. I must admit, the price looked too good to be true as i have payed double the Savrow price in the past. Your 10day no quibble returns policy convinced me to try them. I now have these stilts,and make no mistake,anyone who reads this. The quality of them is without doubt,as good as,if not better than any iv'e purchased in the past.Needless to say,I feel totally peeeeed!! off with my previous supplier, who i'd love to name but don't know if i'd be liable.
Well done Savrow!!

Hi, i've only used the stilts for a few days now for electrical work and yes they are great, should have got them years ago They even arrived a day early, they are great value for money compaired with other overpriced makes.I found yourself from searching google with the only make i knew off and entered "marshalltown stilts" from which i found youselfs a good few pages in, good job i did too. Many Thanks G. Gilmore Cable Spec Electrical

You can add curtain fitting to your list of uses for the stilts as many curtain fitters use them when working in hotels or university accommodation, I have already passed your details onto colleagues of mine as your price for the stilts is very competitive. Regards C Attwood

Another plasterer had a pair and i gave them a go and he told me where he got them from so i gave you a try.

Contact Savrow Stilts
Contact Savrow Stilts
Thank you for your swift response. I heard about the stilts from a work colleague who highly recommended them and regarded them as far superior than 'Marshall Town'. G Preston

Hi Savrow
I bought some of your stilts at Birmingham after a long debate about price/make etc. and have to say they are much better than anticipated.  So much so I have just ordered another pair for my son - to save him "borrowing" mine.  Great Product and Friendly Service.
D G Jones, Derbyshire.