Savrow Stilts are the perfect tool for your business when involved in drylining, plastering or painting and decorating amongst many other uses such as street entertainment, theatre, tree pruning, hedge trimming, electric wiring, air conditioning, and any other uses inside and outside the house or work environment where working at height is required.

                Features include :
Which Size Should I Use?

This is much simpler than you may think.  To give you an idea, we sell more Small and Medium than we do Large Stilts.  Large sets tend to be used in the entertainment industry or for extremely high working areas.  If you are working on 8ft ceilings, and you are under 6ft tall yourself, then the medium set are ideal with the flexibility for extending them for higher Victorian Ceilings if necessary.  If you are 6ft tall or taller, we suggest the small size which will give you plenty of scope still.

The stilts come in 3 different filly adjustable sizes which adjust every 2 inches.
  1.  Small (15"-23")
  2. Medium (18"-30")
  3. Large (24"-40")
The size is the height above the ground the foot will be.   For example, with the medium set, you can adjust your foot level above ground from 18" above ground level to 30" above ground level in 2 inch adjustments.  The lower level is perfect for standard house plastering, and yet you have plenty of excess height for those Victorian Ceilings!

Some Professionals prefer the smaller size stilts as they find that 23" is the highest they find they ever need to go.

The large size is for those professionals who use Savrow Stilts in the entertainment business such as Circus, Street  entertainment etc, and also the higher ceiling found in industrial units.

Remember, the foot size is fully adjustable and there is a full range of spares on our purchase page!  Email us if you have any queries.

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