Contact Savrow Stilts
Contact Savrow Stilts
Name - Harry Tangye
Address - Torquay in Devon
Family - 1 wife, 2 children and a terrior dog called Arthur

Now we have all that out of the way, I can tell you why I started this business and why, even with the credit crunch as it is, it has continued to do so well.  The key I have found is to introduce new people to the concept of stilt walking.  The occassional user tends to think it isn't for them and they are too expensive.  The hard working one man band can think this expense is just too much of a risk if they find it isn't for them in the end and they don't get on with it.

Well the way I've managed to change a lot of minds is by getting to exhibitions.  I only do the Homebuild and Renervation show at the NEC in Birmingham once a year, but we speak to a lot of people and manage to convince them, with how simple it is.  Remember:

It takes about 20 minutes to learn to use the stilts
You have a full month to try them out or send them back for a full refund
Oh, and forget the £250 price tag of our competitors, we charge a fair bit lower!

I am passionate about this, and I get a lot of satisfaction when people take the concept on, and never look back.  No longer do they fill out a van with decking and milk crates to fit out a room.  You know the planks never quite reach the edges and you end up leaning over  the end!  Now they just throw a pair of stilts in the back of the van, get to their destination, and start plastering.  Let's bring them to the masses!